Federal Way Public Schools District
Brand Refresh
Federal Way Public Schools is a school district in King County, Washington. The district approached me looking to refresh the brand with a more timeless look that would represent the diverse student body.
"One of our greatest assets is the broad linguistic, cultural, and racial diversity of our school district. With over 120 languages spoken and scholars of every hue, our classrooms are the beneficiaries of broad points of view, rich dialogue, and diverse thinking." (fwps.org) 
With this in mind, it was important to maintain a sense of gender neutrality, racial ambiguity, and age representation when considering visuals for the district's logomark. After seeing several options, the FWPS team agreed that a silhouette would best lend itself to representing the diverse dynamic within the school district. The chosen logomark depicts two students, of indistinct ages, in celebratory poses, each possessing a graduation cap. These elements are meant to embody the essence of the district’s tagline: Each Scholar: A voice. A dream. A BRIGHT future.
Upon completing the new logo, I worked closely with the communications team to create a useful toolkit with branded collateral to be used across the district. This toolkit included:
– a full logo suite
– a district seal
– a conference backdrop
– brand guidelines
– custom iconography
Additionally, we later collaborated on several multilingual pamphlets, flyers, and other miscellaneous projects in print and digital formats.

Federal Way Public Schools (District)

– Art Direction
– Branding + Identity
– Logo Design
– Iconography
School mascots
I have also partnered with several schools within the district to create new or refresh existing mascots.

– Lake Grove Elementary School
Sacajawea Middle School
– Sunnycrest Elementary School
– Woodmont K-8

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