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The Community Center for Education Results (CCER) is a nonprofit that was formed to support the Road Map Project (RMP) by providing data, research, and communications.

At the time of the organization’s conception, CCER did not have a dedicated/established brand beyond a tagline underneath the RMP logo that read "Supported by CCER." To establish a new and timeless brand identity, we went through several iterations of various logomarks that best conveyed the voice and mission behind the organization. The mark that was born out of this collaboration signifies thinking upward and outward.

Community Center for Education Results (CCER)

– Art Direction
– Branding + Identity
– Logo Design
– Iconography
I have collaborated with CCER to transform several data-based and text-heavy reports into unique, graphic visualizations within the CCER and RMP branding guidelines. Some reports were created in collaboration with third-party organizations, allowing us to create and work within styles that incorporated branding elements from all contributing partners. 
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