Longform Reporting
Art Direction, Editorial, Layout, Infographics, Iconography
Below are a few (of many) reports I have designed in collaboration with various clients. I worked directly and closely with these clients to concept and create reports that spoke to the causes, initiatives, and demographics they sought to highlight. Each report has a unique aesthetic, featuring custom graphics, treatments, and layouts that fit within the brand guidelines of the organizations/departments they were designed for. Upon finalizing each report, print and digital versions were provided, and, if requested, ADA-compliant versions were also created.
This page is updated regularly, so check back soon for more featured reports!
How Four Philanthropy-Serving Organizations Elevated
Their Work and Shaped Their Regions — and the Support that Helped Make it Happen
"This report serves as a collection of case studies demonstrating how a trust-based funder-grantee partnership enabled four philanthropy-serving organizations (PSOs) to leap from aspiration to sustained leadership and action. Learn how they tackle injustices in their regions and witness major advances for their communities today, and for many years to come.​​​​​​​" – The Giving Practice

The Giving Practice

Satterberg Foundation
Let us succeed
"Let Us Succeed highlights the perspectives of more than 7,000 local high schoolers through survey and listening session data. The report showcases our students’ aspirations and how college and career school supports impact their success. This is a call to action for all of us by those who are most impacted by education inequity: our young people. They are telling us—educators, education advocates, and policymakers—how to support them. As one student advised: 'Listen to what we have to say and try and figure it out from there.'
Read the report to better understand what barriers our young people—particularly youth of color and first-generation college students—face and how school staff and policymakers can take action. A companion research guide is also available to help you understand our methodology." – Road Map Project

Community Center for Education Results
Road Map Project
Our Voice. our vision.
"AAMA is continuing to honor the commitments of Seattle Excellence with the publication of a new report, 'Our Voice, Our Vision: Strategies for Supporting Black Excellence in Seattle Public Schools.' 
'Our Voice, Our Vision' explores how our Black boys, teens, and families experience our school system. Findings and recommendations in the report are informed by months of research and community conversations with Black boys, teens, and their families." 
– African American Male Achievement (AAMA)
Read the full reporT >

Seattle Public Schools

African American Male Achievement (AAMA)

FEPP Levy Year 2
"DEEL is proud to release the Families, Education, Preschool, and Promise (FEPP) Levy Year 2 Report, covering the 2020-2021 school year!
The 2020-2021 school year marked the second year of implementation for the seven-year FEPP Levy, passed by Seattle voters in November 2018. It also marked the most radical change in education service delivery in Seattle history, as public schools discontinued traditional in-person learning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and many education services and community-based programs moved to remote or hybrid platforms for much of the 2020-2021 school year."
– Lori Baxter, Department of Education and Early Learning (DEEL)

Seattle Department of Education & Early Learning​​​​​​​ (DEEL)

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